The “New Opportunities” Institute is a consulting company of experts in personnel management. From 1988 to 2017 we accomplished more than 3500 projects on request of our clients.

Our approach is E2E Consulting and E2E Learning. Being experts in their own areas, our clients turn to us for support when introducing changes to increase their business efficiency on the whole, as well as personnel performance.

Our goal is to improve organizational ability to reach its goals set and to increase its opportunities to work reacting to the current changes as quickly as possible.

Each organization is unique due to its history, traditions, market situation, strategy chosen and lots of other factors. That is why decisions and technologies we offer our clients are “hand-made” ones, and each project is “unique”. The way we integrate the latest western business technologies into Russian practice allows our clients to achieve success in making daily decisions, ensuring reliable and long-term results in the future.